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Have over 50 Tamas. Mainly a collector these days due to a heavy work schedule and lack of time but I do occasionally get one out for a play :) This isn't my main blog but my name is layolachi on tamatalk if you want to chat :) There should be a link below for my profile!
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posted 3 months ago on Saturday
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Vodka makes me buy tamagotchis. Fml.
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Top Toy Store in UK & Ireland, for Games, Outdoor & Toys Online from Smyths Superstores

Now I just need to decide which one to get. Kinda like the polka dot one! Can’t wait till 11th!

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Too right. Longest wait ever!
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Did y’all know there’s an English translation patch (mostly menus only for now, but the goal is everything, even the dialogs? that’s the impression I’ve gotten from them) for the P’s now? Wonderful job by Mr.Blinky and year7afrokid from Tama-Zone.com.
More can be found at this link.


So happy to see people using #projectgotchi even though I’ve gone AWOL due to stuff in RL.

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this is the funniest screenshot i ever took while playing animal crossing
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This Easter game is adorable, and strangely challenging ^^
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My morino finally came out if it’s cocoon and turned into a Chobitamatchi!